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A feature of FishNet that we hope to implement in 2010 is a collaborative georeferencing portal. This portal works in conjunction with the GEOLocate georeferencing software system. It allows teams of researchers to access collection-event data for regions of interest from the FishNet cache, and work collaboratively to quickly and efficiently georeference the collection locations. The efficiency of the system derives from a locality-matching capability, which compares locality text strings for a batch of localities for a particular region, and ranks the localities based on the similarity of the description. After georeferencing and verifying one locality, a user simply has to check all localities with the same description and all of the checked localities will be assigned the same latitude/longitude coordinates. We plan to implement this system with a collaborative grant project, during which we aim to georeference and verify all of the digitized fish collections in FishNet.


GEOLocate Community Edition
TDWG 2008 presentation on collaborative georeferencing

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